We believe that any business seriously committed to customer service and satisfaction can achieve certification quickly and cost-effectively and plans can be rapidly put in place after an initial meeting and review.

The level of detailed involvement from your personnel is decided by you. Although a greater participation results in more ownership being invested in the systems created, the less time will be spent by your staff on other business essentials. One of the fundamental offerings from Eclipse is the ability to provide a combination of consultancy and development which is agreed by both parties prior to any engagement. Whichever route is chosen, our guarantee is that your company will achieve independent certification.

Not all companies choose to have their systems independently audited. To be of value and to be adequately recognised by your customers we recommend that you seek independent certification from a UKAS accredited body (www.ukas.com).

ISO 17021 is the Standard certification bodies must follow for Certification Audits:

  • A Stage 1 audit seeks to confirm the existence of a documented system addressing requirements of the appropriate standard, and to establish a level of confidence that the auditee has an operating system that meets at least the minimum requirements of the standard in question. Stage 1 will also evaluate the implementation of selected sub-systems such as auditing and improvement.
  • A Stage 2 audit examines detailed operational elements of the system and determines if the way the system is operating is effective in delivering the overall aims of the organisation as well as satisfying the standard.