Opening Statement:

We have extensive experience of procuring works packages for a diverse range of projects in both single and two stage environments 

Companies such as; Kier, RG Group, Galiford Try and Westfield have engaged us to support their operational procurement activities, both in terms of tender support and live ‘on-site’ activity.

We have experience of delivering the following example projects:

  • One Hyde Park
  • Cannon Place and Cannon Street Station
  • Newham BSF programme
  • Battersea Power Station
  • Ascot Racecourse
  • Pembury Hospital
  • Heathrow Terminals 5 and 2A
  • The Crick Institute
  • The Leadenhall Building

Key to our approach is ensuring that we fully understand and are aligned with our clients requirements, in terms of:

  • Operational, commercial risk and technical risk
  • Design development and responsibility
  • Value engineering and product substitution
  • Package splits and direct material purchase
  • Prime cost vs lifecycle cost
  • Utilisation of offsite manufacturing
  • The logistics surrounding the project location
  • Potential use of consolidation centres / holding areas

Our composite procurement service offering includes:

  • Developing the project and package by package approach to leveraging and maximising / driving value from the supply chain
  • The identification and definition of the appropriate interfaces with other functions sufficient to meet the defined project requirements
  • Establishing the items (i.e. the goods, commodities, major plant, work elements and services) to be procured
  • Analysing the related market; capability, competence and capacity
  • Understanding how the supply chain could be engaged at the earliest opportunity to assist in the design and costing process
  • Ensuring the 2nd and 3rd tier supply chains for high risk elements are understood
  • Undertake rigorous financial checks of the supply chain to minimize the exposure to the potential associated risks
  • Ensuring that the risks associated with adopting recently developed systems with a limited track-record, including maintenance and commissioning implications are fully understood
  • The identification, prequalification and approval of a suitable supply chain and the establishment of suitable relationships with those of strategic importance to the project
  • Obtaining confirmation and approval for the scope of works definition, including description, specification, drawings and programme requirements, for each item;
  • Establishing and defining the appropriate procurement route and programme for each Item
  • Grouping the defined items required for the project into suitable packages to be procured
  • Obtaining accurate and comprehensive prices for the defined packages as required
  • Carrying out mid and post tender interviews
  • Engaging the subcontractor / supplier via the approved method of appointment
  • Taking and facilitating the action necessary to maintain a positive relationship with the supply chain
  • Ensuring implementation of and compliance with appropriate processes in the performance of the procurement activities