Aimed primarily at SME’s and ideally suited to those companies seeking ISO certification, we develop tailored procurement and commercial processes to support and drive quality which is fundamental to sustaining long-term business success and opportunity.

A defined set of systems and procedures together with supporting documentation are fundamental to the ability of an organisation to operate effectively and in a consistent and efficient manner. As a business grows, so does the need for its systems and procedures to change, allowing for the realisation of business planning.

The typical risks encountered where a common approach is not adhered to can include:

Errors or improvements from previous projects are not fed back into subsequent tender opportunities resulting in the same issue manifesting itself repeatedly or failure to introduce continuous improvement into the business. This often results in additional costs, the inclusion of avoidable risk or the failure to operate as efficiently as possible.

Without a formal, standard tender process, the tender may be prepared in an “Ad-Hoc” manner with the potential for errors to be made without the means of them being identified. The introduction of a structured, standard process will allow for a consistent and pro-active approach to prevent these issues occurring.

Terms and Conditions of engagement are often reviewed too late in the day which can lead to onerous liability under the contract; the introduction of a practical process enables governance through input of the applicable stakeholders at the appropriate time.

Our business review service includes scrutinising internal processes and functions, verifying compliance with legal requirements, analysing procedures, planning and approval processes. We conduct the full spectrum of procurement reviews to make sure you are achieving real value for money in all your procurement operations.

Feedback from our clients informs us that the principal benefits of our review are two-fold: it allows for a thorough assessment of how an organisation operates from a commercial and procurement perspective and it is often the only time when a business has the opportunity to take stock of what areas need to be refined, improved or removed in order to realise the results to which they aspire.

The procurement review itself can be intensive and wide-ranging and necessitates the detailed analysis of Operating Systems together with how individual functions integrate throughout the processes of work winning, procurement (both overhead and operational) through to commercial management of both goods and services.

Eclipse Procurement will then develop commercially related procedures comprising estimating, procurement and commercial management together with a suite of supporting documentation aligned to your business procedures.

We recognise the need for this which is why the first stage of our engagement with a client centres on gaining a thorough understanding of its aspirations, not only for the “here and now” but for the future. We pride ourselves on developing tailored solutions which are based on best practice procedures and recognise these aspirations whilst allowing for sustainability and continuous improvement using existing resources.