9001 Benefits

A focus on quality is fundamental to sustaining long-term business success and opportunity. Accredited certification to the internationally-recognised quality management standard, ISO 9001:2008, clearly demonstrates your commitment to quality. The following benefits are those most commonly cited:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased revenue, reduced costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased customer confidence
  • Increased access to new customers and business partners
  • Differentiation and recognition – proven business credentials
  • Improved business performance
  • Improved motivation and morale
  • Improvement processes
  • Performance Measurement and Risk Management

45001 Benefits

ISO45001 is the International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management and provides a framework for its’ effective management. Good health and safety performance is no accident and organisations should attach the same importance to the achievement of high standards of OHS management as they do to other key aspects of their business activities. All of the benefits of 9001 are correctly cited for 45001, as well as specific benefits in relation to H&S:

  • Demonstrable commitment to occupational H&S
  • Clear definition of H&S responsibilities of all personnel
  • Structured approach to hazard identification and H&S risk management
  • Better safeguard the wellbeing of both your people and your business
  • Reduction of accidents, danger and downtime
  • Ensure compliance with current H&S legal requirements
  • Clear objectives for H&S improvement, with measurable results
  • Required assessment and monitoring ensures the reliability of H&S operations
  • Improved stakeholder relationships – by safeguarding the health and property of staff, customers and suppliers
  • Potential reductions in liability claims and lower insurance premiums

14001 Benefits

Accredited certification to the globally recognised EMS standard, ISO 14001 is becoming a preferred choice for organisations looking to demonstrate their environmental credentials. An effective EMS certified to ISO 14001 can help an organisation operate in a more cost efficient and environmentally responsible manner. All of the benefits of 9001 are correctly cited for 14001, as well as specific benefits in relation to environmental management:

  • Demonstrate your environmental commitment to stakeholders
  • Increased awareness and participation in relation to environmental issues
  • Improved management of environmental risk
  • Identify opportunities for improved environmental performance
  • Demonstrate a commitment to achieving legal and regulatory compliance
  • Continual improvement drives efficiency and cost reduction
  • Potentially lower insurance rates
  • Improving relationships with customers and regulators
  • Reduction in use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous wastes.